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warp-logo2November 16, 2008


There are no equals.  There are no comparisons.

Years of research and development. Over 13 Published patents, the foundation of technology behind the most formidable advertising performance tool on the web.

Machine Intelligence, from Neural Networks, to Genetic Algorithms, to Fuzzy Logic, to traditional stastistical Measures, including, multiple regression, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) or at your fingertips.

Automated. So the tasks of ad procurement and analytics, that requires several full time equivalents in house can be outsourced.

Do not fool yourselves.

Nothing compares to Warp.com

Don’t have a website, Warp will build you one.

Confused about the web advertising. Just give Warp your budget, it does the work for you. Scrapes your page, for the important info.

Of the 10,000,000 businesses in America, less than 1% are doing anything close to professional advertising on line.  Warp excels, and beats them all as the processes must be automated.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Warp will do that for you.
SEM – Search Engine Marketing, buying of paid advertising, Warp will do that for you.
SMO – An Absolute must, yet no one is doing it right. Warp will get you started.

Mobile phone ads. Covered.
SMS applications and text based advertising. Covered.

Email and complimentary campaigns. Warp.

Internet Yellow Pages. Brainbow is a Certified Marketing Reseller (CMR), only one of 167 in the nation.
We gotcha covered.

There is only one choice,


2 Responses

  1. Loved Warp, it worked great for our org!


  2. Warp is now part of Another company . . .


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