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Memo to All Time Travelers . . .

Note to All Time Travelers,


Let us revisit the past.
Shortly more analysis will be revealed.

We said the writing was on the wall. The opines were not perfect but pretty good.

Lets Be Reasonable . . .

Sometimes we have to just be a little more reasonable.


We rode out this Tesla party.

But this is getting crazy.

Time to take some profits and place some puts.

I’m selling 2/3 of my Tesla position.

This stock is so overvalued at this moment, stop buying it.
Right now!

Take your profits.

Because of the hype and over priced shares this stock will also overreact at any bad news.

If earnings are off, if a wheel breaks, if Elon flatulates downwind!

I’m guessing this stock cannot take any stress right now at this price.

I’m buying heavy puts for chains at a 20 point drop by the end of the year.

If the stock goes up, guess what?
Don’t panic.
I’ll buy even more puts.  This price will make Tesla stock even more Volatile to the slightest tension.

It is a gamble, but I think it is a good one.

Keep 1/3 of your shares in case the crazy ride continues to climb.
You already received healthy profits.

Hedge the crazy price with some puts on a volatility play.

You are going to be safe.

Buy Now!!!!!

Opportunities like this do not come often.

One must take advantage of them when they do.

Apple stock keeps plummeting.

We just sold at a near record peak.

But now the market has over reacted.

Buy now and keep buying all the way down.

Look at the balance sheet.  It is so obvious.

Cash on hand.
Debt service cost.

This stock is so undervalued right now.

If it drops below $400 then just buy as much as you can tolerate as a portion of your portfolio.

This stock can only go up.
I would keep buying all the way up to high $400’s.

Then depending on what is happening we can reassess.

They have to do a stock purchase at this price.
The cost of money is so cheap they would be crazy not to.

I’m writing Carl another letter.

He never listens.

When will Blockbuster finally Just Die?

When will Blockbuster finally Just Die?
I don’t know, but the brick and mortar just cannot hold out too much longer.

We have been ringing that bell for years, and we still are.
It is painful to watch them try.

It is like watching fax machines taking their final breaths for the last decade . . . It is just annoying.

What more could you ask for?

Grand opportunity.
They understand what went wrong.

They are smarter, more flexible, and will create compelling content and sign more streaming distribution deals and embed in other devices through App architecture.

How far will this go?

Who knows.

this is the simple mix of some equity and hit hard some long term calls.
Then do not be too greedy, take some of your cash back for redeployment.

Their will be more opportunities in the future.

These undervalued stocks are a great gamble right now.

Have fun.

Will you share your profits with me?

Who Cares Who is Using FaceBook? Just Buy Some.


Who knows what will happen in the long run.

They say teens are not using like they used to?
Well, who knows.  A lot of people are using this thing still.

They are building out their advertising tools.
They were too cumbersome before and they are smart enough to get more revenue from mobile.
They must be.

The alternative is to bet that they are to dumb, and they are not, and this is too easy to do.

People have to experiment and try the ad tools as the demographic advertising and mobile extension is too appealing not to try.

This will create revenue.

Buy some equity positions and just hold onto them.

Also buy heavy into open calls.

It broke $20, by early spring we should see the results of the new ad tools.

Make sure your chains extend that far.

Hold onto the equity for the long haul.

And get some sweet cash from your calls.

Temet Nosce

Temet Nosce.

It is good enough for the Oracle.

Oracle is still not valued properly.

We are backing up our previous equity buy with a nice Call chain.

Fingers crossed, backed by sound fundamentals, in the absence of a cataclysm, this will be a no brainer.

How Can AMEX lose?

How Can AMEX lose?

I don’t know.

This is one of those resilient companies that will emerge smelling like a rose.

The economy will return.

Buy the equities and long term calls.

They might as well be printing the money.

It is so easy being AMEX.

And you can have a piece too.

Just get off your ass and buy some.

Wow. Cost Average.

When I look at that Apple graph I can only think of one thing. Opportunity. So first read all the disclaimers about that I have no fiduciary responsibilities, and the risks of investing etc. In my humble opinion, we have here APPLE INC.  A company with a Brand Equity alone that is worth Billions. i.e. You could sell the name for a decent percentage of the companies worth, alone.  Because whatever you sold under that brand would have perceived value from over 30 years of real solid value, that was award winning in every corner.  I would love to see a Brand Equity/Market Cap ratio that approaches apple. I do not even think Coke could do that, or Tiffanys.

So observe the laws of cost average, and when a plateau has been hit lets buy back into the most awesome growth stock on the planet!

Then think long term. If you are at the right timeof your life. Disclaimer, I Love Apple. I have cost averaged into their stock for decades, and have seen the results.  Now in the market, the past cannot be the predictor of the future for sure, And you cannot just draw a multiple regression, ANOVA analyzed trend line and come up with a correlation coefficient. It does not work.  The multidimentional forces in a free economy dissallows that simplicity.

Let’s do think simple though.

If the fundamentals are there. And in my opinion they are. We have an undervalued, company, with great Brand Equity, a history and expectation of grand performances in the future. A base of electronic goods that is unparrelled in history that innovates daily.

If Apple can keep on the path, of innovation, of building the future, then we have a winning opportunity here. Do not get emotional, it may go down further, but think 20-30 years from now.  This is a buy opportunity for a cost average in, and I’ll be a contrarian, and I will put my money where my blog is coming from.

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