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When will Blockbuster finally Just Die?

When will Blockbuster finally Just Die?
I don’t know, but the brick and mortar just cannot hold out too much longer.

We have been ringing that bell for years, and we still are.
It is painful to watch them try.

It is like watching fax machines taking their final breaths for the last decade . . . It is just annoying.

What more could you ask for?

Grand opportunity.
They understand what went wrong.

They are smarter, more flexible, and will create compelling content and sign more streaming distribution deals and embed in other devices through App architecture.

How far will this go?

Who knows.

this is the simple mix of some equity and hit hard some long term calls.
Then do not be too greedy, take some of your cash back for redeployment.

Their will be more opportunities in the future.

These undervalued stocks are a great gamble right now.

Have fun.

Will you share your profits with me?

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