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10% above water!

10% above water!

September 23,2008

The suite of free Apple software offers so much functionality.

For example, and for the interest specifically of this page is iPhoto.

iPhoto is part of a suite of applications together called iLife.

OK, they went a little crazy with iThis and the iThat,
but they get credit for the integrity of nomenclature. ie, Apple is always about ease of use, and flow of usability.

The nomenclature is a secondary consideration and is typically in line with a facility toward remembrance,  So in this example all the programs that make of the subsets of iLife also follow this naming pattern,

iTunes – all deserve special attention, each, on other pages,

They all dovetail together to from one big functional unit.  Here is where the inner beauty of the suite of application lies.  And it is within that familiarity of interface, usability and design, one is easily able to jumpstart into multimedia, by taking pictures, having them show up in their iMovie program, then repeatedly be available in everything from iWeb to construct a web page, to iDVD, when one is ready to make a professional looking DVD from their movies and photo albums within seconds. It truly is phenomenal.

The suite of free Apple software offers so much functionality.  I recently had some fun with a 100mm focal length Macro lens.  I am not a professional by any means. But check some of these out. They are amazing, and this is less than 30 hours of fun playing with a digital camera and computer! Yes, I did take a lot of pictures to just end up with a few that were presentable, however, the digital life affords me that luxury.  I believe last year was the first year the when graphed against  each other on the same axis, units sold vs time. Digital and traditional cameras crossed.  For the most part the diminution and the augmentation of each was prospectively linear and the net total was not much higher than the sum of both.

To speak more clearly clearly in the year before Digital cameras had outsold traditional film based cameras, and now had exceeded and keep exceeding arithmetically over time as we watch the demise of the film camera.  There are die Hards that swear by the “warmth” (it’s me but the die hards in every industry use that ambiguous term for the things that uninitiated are not allowed to understand).

In photography it is the warmth of the film image capturing naturally the light onto photo sensitive chemicals for that warm (I guess meaning more noisy chemical reactions and less clarity?).  Frankly there are so many ways to adjust a picture, including the dark room  manipulation that are not so natural, to applications such as Photoshop (the industry standard by ADOBE, or iPhoto, or Aperture, by APPLE,) that I frankly do not get the difference. But some do, and presently I will defer to their expertise. I have found myself wrong in this instance before, so I won’t take that chance again until i am more well informed.

Just got a light set. it makes all the difference.  All these pictures are done with normal equipment.  I will place the new pictures with better equipment on another page.  This page is meant to show what an absolute amateur can do with a camera and Apple products.

iPhoto, Aperture, all the iLife products dovetail beautifully to an integrated suite of media production products.  Publishing straight to the Web, your iPod, AppleTV,  or YouTube.  It is an amazing phenomenon of the modern new technological world.


12 Responses

  1. super


  2. wow! I love your pics, they really deserve to be in an art gallery somewhere. I like the pink orchid pic the most,it’s cool how you focused on a part of the flower that lots of us miss with the naked eye.Owesome


  3. Wow! love your pics, specially the flower ones, I want to have one of does hanging on my wall


  4. Phenomenal photos! Love the site!


  5. Your photos are gallery worthy. Love them!!


  6. good…….


  7. So cool!!!!!


  8. What kind of lens are you using to capture all that detail?
    These are amazing!!


  9. Just picked up a few. Love them, thanks!!


  10. I love your pictures and your music!


  11. How does license your photos?


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