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September 26, 2008

Below are a subset of 500 songs that were written by the year 1978.  In the intervening years computer technology, thank you Apple, had emerged to a point that was remarkable.

Basically, a professional studio that could bankrupt a small corporation or record company for that matter, now could live in your laptop computer.  So with the help of my trusty Apple Laptop and a few software utilities, I went about playing every instrument and constructing these songs from brain to computer.

Apple made it so easy. We’re Like Two, as of 9/08, earned the distinction of many hundreds of thousands of downloads and was the #1 song on Braodjam for many weeks.

Since the production process is so lengthy (over 100 hours/song to get it close to right) I only produced three well.  The others are a mashup of missing tracks, live recording and half efforts.  Nevertheless, a lot of fun.

I would love any and all critique whether it be wonderful or horrific.  Please skip the profanity if you don’t mind . . .

Take home the message that with the modern tools Apple gives away for free, anyone can be a professional musician.  If you you have the tenacity and initiative to place the energy into the process.  What was once a dream, quickly was made reality thanks to the Apple Corporation.

This reality that they create through innovation becomes market cap tot he corp and equity to the brand.

Here is the latest list.  The first song did really well, several hundred thousand downloads. It is named We’re Like Two.


We’re Like Two

This song was written about a couple that should not be together. It was concieved off the notion that most songs employed trite and cliche, even in U2’s Hearts Beat as One, to One, to We Are Like One, etc, Ad Nauseum. So I wrote a song that explored the possibilities of a couple recognizing that they should not be together because of their differences.

This is best articulated in the chorus line:
We are like two plays looking for one stage.

Anyway, the cool parts of the song are:
1) The harmonics at the beggining, and several other brief episodes, making the listener yearn for more.

2) The interesting sound of the power chord on an acoustic guitar with an added 2nd.  The fingering of which I have yet to see in another song, past or present.

3) The bridge, that engulfs the listener to need the higher dynamic and more fulfilling chorus that resolves back to the vamped Major Chord add 2nd interval. Ahh. Nice. At least 500,000 people think so so far.

I attached my picture of a door from  the Pink Palace in Corfu Greece. I am sure some of you probably have been there.

Here are more songs, and comments:

Brother O Brother
The Annus Mirabilis

were generally liked.

In providence was never produced, this is a first take off a simple recorder, but it has a quality that sounds better, out of shear good fortune.   The others are basically either one takes are straight into a cassette recorder . . .

Brother O Brother

Things Alright


The Annus Mirabilis (#4)

Sing to Me

In Providense

The Loss Of Sound

Zombie Live In Concert

Acoustic Version of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

The Cry

I Turn Away

20 Responses

  1. wow, I really like your song about the couple that shouldn’t be together, really good.


  2. your songs are so cool


  3. Hey
    I heard you on Live365 radio,
    really cool,
    Got your CD,


  4. I Love
    “We’re Like Two”
    reminds me of me and my ex!


  5. Love the guitar riff in Annus Mirabilis,
    you wouldn’t post some tab on that would you?


  6. Just downloaded a few from iTunes. Really love your tunes mate.


  7. Seriously, what about the rest of your catalog?


  8. When are you going to post more music?

    I love your band!


  9. Great songs, lovely voice, you are very talented!!!


  10. Hey Man,
    Really dig the music!


  11. I love your music!!!

    Make some more!!


  12. I heard there was a video coming out, is this true?


  13. I love this band!


  14. Join the fan club!!!!!!!!!!


  15. When Is the next concert?
    I saw you perform in 1998.
    Best concert of ever been to…


  16. Yes!!


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