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Ugh, Now We Have to Plug Yahoo!

You got it.

I’ve never been a Yahoo fan.
Their stupid  directory, and submission fees.
Bungled products, endless mismanagement.

Thankfully when people screw things up and there is enough cash available a smart person can fix things.

Then we can see a more reasonable valuation for this company.

This one of those, I want to believe the Board is smart enough to direct management to create value again.

There are a lot of ways Yahoo can do this.

And they will.

We don’t know if this is going to be a good long term hold or not.

So this does hurt me, but it is the right thing to do so I am goign to suggest it:
Buy some Yahoo equity, and a bunch of really long term calls.  As Long as you can get.

Unless they are morons this stock must go up in value.

If it does, take back some of your gains and deploy elsewhere, and leave some in the game as well.

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