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You Want In? Then buy some LinkedIn!! Profits on a platter . . .



There is a lot of real value here.

Who knows where this will go.

Rather, who knows how high it will go?

This company is a bargain.

The data they are accumulating is important and will work.

Buy, and keep buying until it gets too much exuberance.

Maybe we’ll toss some puts in and see what happens . . .

Why does a Company Chose to Not Remain Relevant?



Yeah, Blackberry was partying like it was 1999 in 2008 still.

Why does a Company Chose to Not Remain Relevant?
I still don’t know.
But I will take advantage of their poor choices.

It appears the party is over.

Look at the smart phones around you.

This isn’t the world of the chicklet thumb warrior anymore.

Innovate or die.

I guess blackberry prefers the latter for some reason.

If anyone has some idea how they are going to save their baby please tell me.

I just don’t see it happening.

I’d buy some serious long chain puts and a lot of them.
Ride this thing down till the preacher shows up and cash out.

Call me crazy.
Why go to the casino when you have the equities market?

Temet Nosce

Temet Nosce.

It is good enough for the Oracle.

Oracle is still not valued properly.

We are backing up our previous equity buy with a nice Call chain.

Fingers crossed, backed by sound fundamentals, in the absence of a cataclysm, this will be a no brainer.

How Can AMEX lose?

How Can AMEX lose?

I don’t know.

This is one of those resilient companies that will emerge smelling like a rose.

The economy will return.

Buy the equities and long term calls.

They might as well be printing the money.

It is so easy being AMEX.

And you can have a piece too.

Just get off your ass and buy some.

It’s my Birthday, and I Want Some ETFs!!!

It’s my birthday.
Well not yet.
In a few months, but I already know what I want!

You know what I want?


And lot’s of them.

I’m buying big into the major indexes.

This President is going to employ fed policy that will control interest rates and control inflation.

It is obviously clear that there needs to be a sustained fed purchase.

I think the administration will employ this tool as they learned from previous recessions – it works.

Yes, there is a way out of the Bush ’43 Great Recession!

Praise Bush ’43 for this wonderful opportunity he has given you.

Don’t chastise him.

He handed over the worst economy since the depression.

You can bet on the US failing or succeeding.
The former will only cause the cash sitting in your bank account not earning interest to become less valuable.

There is only one thing to do right now.

Buy heavy into the market.

Lets the ETF managers model the indexes and enjoy your gains.

There really is no alternative.
I cannot see this playing out any other way . . .

Oh yeah . . .

Stock up on canned goods and clean water just in case wonder bread becomes the new fiat currency!

Insight into The Oracle

Right now Oracle is an incredible Bargain.

We live in a world of Data.

Oracle maintains market advantages.

People need the Oracle.

you didn’t come here to make the choice, you’ve already made it.
You’re here to try to understand *why* you made it.
I thought you’d have figured that out by now.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy some Oracle.

Then revisit in a few years and see if you want to take some cash out.

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