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Switch to An Apple Laptop? You Betcha.

Switch to An Apple Laptop? You Betcha.

Well slightly short of my expectations, but in line with the past incremental increase and near future obsolescence.

It is a no brainer.

On every level, every point from aesthetics to utility, these are the finest consumer products being made presently.

Look forward to the white 13-inch MacBook ($999)  with Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel integrated graphics, 1GB RAM, and a 120GB hard disk.

Although I had hoped for more. These will sell well.
Apple hotcakes WHEN a few more additions are made.
Will they ever get that 3G into these laptops??????

Also, the step-up MacBooks, at $1299, with the nVidia GeForce 9400M integrated GPU and 2GB of RAM.
Still better than any PC out there.

The Air keeps the same basic pricing scheme as the first-generation models ($1799 and $2499)
Look forward to the hard drive (a 120GB HDD or 128GB SSD!!!) and nVidia GeForce 9400M GPU.

Why is this so cool? It places this machine in the middle of the ring with Samsung’s  announced NP-X360–which costs  the same amount. The will punch it out with spec-for-spec attributes most of the way. And, Apple has the nVdia edge.

Apple will continue to kick but with its entire consumer electronics divisions.

HLHM Apple New Laptops?




I have watched over three decades of products emerge from Apple.  Always with some anticipation of the obviously known and predictable pleasantly fermented with the astonishing and utter surprise.

I feel it coming again.  If not this round then the next.

The opportunity is ripe.  To reach deep into this economy and extract value.  I believe Apple will do this.  They have done it countless times before.  The world needs value.  Green, delicious, mobile, solid state, connected, and aesthetically beautiful value.

When the Naysayers predicted demise I cost averaged into one of the greatest values in American history.  

Thank you Mr. Jobs, you are a genius.

Anyway, back to HLHM© and Laptops.  It is rumored that new laptops are being announced.  If they can bring down the price of solid state components, insert a reliable connectivity component, and some of the basic accouterments that always come with an upgrade with a good price ppoint Apple will rise again.

The Movement of HLHM will about as Apple poises itself to grow at megalithic pace, and there is that opportunity if it is taken. They just have to take it.  Come on guys it is right there in front of you, grab it!

Social Leadership and Biologic Self-Orginizational Behaviour

Dear Apple.

What is up. Did you read HBR recently?

We need an innovative leader to hand the torch over to.  This economy requires the swiftness of learning, dexterity, the constitution of a leader that can flex the courage of conviction, and empathically listen to the expertise within the organization. Balance that with respect for the founder’s principals and their developed culture and listen to the wisdom of one of the best boards on the planet.

We need to listen to our employees. They are the human assets of this organization.  They construct the value underlying the Brand Equity. Do not underestimate their value.

We need a Leader, out of the mainstream.  Innovative, to lead this company to the top of the new economy.  To ride the wave of prosperity that will surf the detritus of poor decisions in the financial markets. Apple can do it. There is no need to be be satisfied with low market share. These are the times that companies can surge. It cannot be missed.

Apple has the best products on earth.  Nothing comes close. Lets leverage a CEO with youthful attachment to the new culture, Social Web 2.0 experience from technology to culture and experienced to have the wisdom of the garage startup, the grey hair of the flexability of selforganizational knowledge, and the attributes of Attunement and Empathy. Awareness of the organization. We need to develop the resources of the organization and exploit (good connotation, and leverage them), to boundless regions that have never been reached for.

The emergence of selforganization, and it’s basis in social structure as I opine on it can be found in vestigial boolean form, in Stuart Kaufman’s The Origins of Order.  I have just applied that logic to the business cycle.

So much opportunity, so much Brand equity, the growth is there for the taking, however, a leader must lead the charge!!!

Hyper Local Hyper Mobile©

Hyper Local Hyper Mobile (HLHM©) is being embraced at lightning pace. This coined phrase will emerge as the hallmark of the near future so rapidly you may get torticollis. So drive safely.

It is so obvious. The apps are emerging at light speed, as the world is figuring out that the convergence of locality technology with mobility computing has facilitated the next revolution in application development and efficiency from IT, to supply chain, to most vertical apps.  Simple incentivization programs, every last one would benefit from a custom built mobile app.

Local intelligence, combined with any other parameter, accelerometer, OCR from pictures, temperature sensing, facilitates a massive flux of creativity.

Apple can do it. Why make us wait? Where is 3G in the overpriced AirBook? That would make it worthwhile, than one feature. It just has to be priced right. Lets get on board!

The opportunities being missed are excruciating.

Get on board now, or miss the future.  

building these unique apps is extraordinary.  We have built short code and mobile apps now that have changed the lives of the consumer to the sales force.

OEMS, and VARs need to bring up the calvary.  Where are our thin clients? Our switches, our enhancement in hardware?

Is 45 nm too small? Have we reached the limits? Do we need the hyper jump to quantum computing?

The road to revenue is clear as day. You just have to get on it, and don’t miss a turn.

S&P Changes Opinion on Apple Inc.

Some analysts have changed their opinion on the value of Apple stock – whether it is time to buy or sell or just plain hold and do not worry (it is not a good idea to worry). Analysts typically attempt to build trending models based on time series analysis of threshold or hallmark phenomenon. They notably look for the Great Expectations of future earnings. Then they then use data reductive projections as a foundation and basis  to issue recommendations whether or not they think the stock should be purchased or sold. Each brokerage has its own jargon, but it basically means buy, hold, and sell.

Sometimes comparisons between brokerages are difficult because of Jargon changes which makes it difficult to compare broker recommendations.

Well, you can’t just do a multiple regression on a stock chart.  It does not apply.  Thi is a complex dynamic system.  I’m not saying don’t look at the chart or fundamentals – but the answer is right in front of you.  Great brand, a seemingly endless line of fantastic new products – this means market share, margins, and growth.  Can’t ask for much more.

So, take a deep breath, and get rid of your emotions.  Turn on the pragmatic objective part of your brain.

Apple is a bargain.  Just keep cost averaging in.  You will be paid handsomely.

iPhone update, Thank You!

Finally, the most stable iPhone update yet.  Frequent crashes are relegated to only the most complex programs trying to do too much with this operating system.  Please send in your opinion.

I  found this update 2.0.2 to be invaluable,  It saves me hours NOT having to soft or hard reset the phone.

Thank you Apple engineers.  Users will be happy now.  On that note, lets vet these applications a little more diligently?

Come on, what’s the big deal?  You should have a QA lab set up, pounding on every permutation and combination of usages.  The vast majority of problems can be weeded out, before the consumer gets the product.  Once that happens you waste hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of Human hours on crashing iPhone apps.  That is not nice.  Don’t think alpha or Beta.  Do it yourself.  You would not sell us a song of iTunes that wasn’t mastered? Would you sell a movie that did not have the final cut done?  Then don’t sell and application that is not ready.

On that note, check out Chalkboard.  This is an exciting application, by a clearly forward thinking and talented engineer. This is just a symbol of the endless stream of apps that are going to be flowing our way by the hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Oh, yes . . . This will also be a big money maker.  For the sellers, store owners, and countless small shop developers, some will go big, real big.

Why Doesn’t Apple Own the Living Room?

Why doesn’t Apple own the living room?  That is a great question, because they should. The place of family gathering is the holy grail and nerve center of the family and it’s economic resources.

The living room or family room or lets say generically the room in the house often in close proximity to the kitchen is the hub of activity in the house. Here the kids play, parents talk, friends come over and eat, or chat as well.

My friends, the Living Room is the Land of Milk and Honey, that flows in abundance through the many channels, of media, advertising, and the general Brand power that is leveraged in this golden arena.  This room is the Mother of all revenue streams.  The battle over it’s control will wage on until the right consumer device is made that is so compelling that it is irresistible.  So much so that it will dominate this family hub.

And why is this important?

Because, this is the nidus of activity for the rest of the control of the house. It is the Midway Island of WWII.  Upon control of that most valuable space, that nidus, will crystalize the rest of the home. the networking, distribution, parental control, gaming, smart home activities, computing, education, and so much more will emenate from here.

Oh yeah. And TV also. I mean a lot of TV. I mean also, purchasing of media, TV, movies, music, ambience.  Revenue will stream into this area like tidal waters from the gravitational pull of the Family’s desire to absorb media.  When priced well, and we know that can be done. And the repository and library to draw upon is great, the battle will be won.

OK, it is not that simple. But lets fix that Apple TV, and get it into the family hub.  Like Newtons gravitational law, the attraction of massive bodies to the family hub will be an inverse function of the utility of said device. And this attraction is a power law attraction, it is an exponent. I have not seen peir reviewed data on this, however it is obvious that the economies of scale once residing in said hub will be such that, the fixed cost of getting it there will be counterbalanced be years of CLV and CRV.  Customer Lifetime Value, and Customer Referrer Value.

We do not know what that value is as this future has not a appeared yet. I would be willing to bet it is such a high multiple of getting that device insinuated, and ensconced, graciously, is one of the most important things a company should focus on.

Apple is the master of this.  OK, the first Apple TV was not that hot.  The conception was there, and they had to start somewhere.  Now it’s time to brainstorm.  Let’s fix whatever ails, and impedes this devices entry to the family hub. Sprinkle in some good old fashioned Apple sleek design, and beautiful graphical user interface, with the compelling overriding reason to have, and we move from the stone age to the future in one giant step.  I know one guy that would agree. And so would his friends.

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