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Switch to An Apple Laptop? You Betcha.

Switch to An Apple Laptop? You Betcha.

Well slightly short of my expectations, but in line with the past incremental increase and near future obsolescence.

It is a no brainer.

On every level, every point from aesthetics to utility, these are the finest consumer products being made presently.

Look forward to the white 13-inch MacBook ($999)  with Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel integrated graphics, 1GB RAM, and a 120GB hard disk.

Although I had hoped for more. These will sell well.
Apple hotcakes WHEN a few more additions are made.
Will they ever get that 3G into these laptops??????

Also, the step-up MacBooks, at $1299, with the nVidia GeForce 9400M integrated GPU and 2GB of RAM.
Still better than any PC out there.

The Air keeps the same basic pricing scheme as the first-generation models ($1799 and $2499)
Look forward to the hard drive (a 120GB HDD or 128GB SSD!!!) and nVidia GeForce 9400M GPU.

Why is this so cool? It places this machine in the middle of the ring with Samsung’s  announced NP-X360–which costs  the same amount. The will punch it out with spec-for-spec attributes most of the way. And, Apple has the nVdia edge.

Apple will continue to kick but with its entire consumer electronics divisions.

HLHM Apple New Laptops?




I have watched over three decades of products emerge from Apple.  Always with some anticipation of the obviously known and predictable pleasantly fermented with the astonishing and utter surprise.

I feel it coming again.  If not this round then the next.

The opportunity is ripe.  To reach deep into this economy and extract value.  I believe Apple will do this.  They have done it countless times before.  The world needs value.  Green, delicious, mobile, solid state, connected, and aesthetically beautiful value.

When the Naysayers predicted demise I cost averaged into one of the greatest values in American history.  

Thank you Mr. Jobs, you are a genius.

Anyway, back to HLHM© and Laptops.  It is rumored that new laptops are being announced.  If they can bring down the price of solid state components, insert a reliable connectivity component, and some of the basic accouterments that always come with an upgrade with a good price ppoint Apple will rise again.

The Movement of HLHM will about as Apple poises itself to grow at megalithic pace, and there is that opportunity if it is taken. They just have to take it.  Come on guys it is right there in front of you, grab it!

Social Leadership and Biologic Self-Orginizational Behaviour

Dear Apple.

What is up. Did you read HBR recently?

We need an innovative leader to hand the torch over to.  This economy requires the swiftness of learning, dexterity, the constitution of a leader that can flex the courage of conviction, and empathically listen to the expertise within the organization. Balance that with respect for the founder’s principals and their developed culture and listen to the wisdom of one of the best boards on the planet.

We need to listen to our employees. They are the human assets of this organization.  They construct the value underlying the Brand Equity. Do not underestimate their value.

We need a Leader, out of the mainstream.  Innovative, to lead this company to the top of the new economy.  To ride the wave of prosperity that will surf the detritus of poor decisions in the financial markets. Apple can do it. There is no need to be be satisfied with low market share. These are the times that companies can surge. It cannot be missed.

Apple has the best products on earth.  Nothing comes close. Lets leverage a CEO with youthful attachment to the new culture, Social Web 2.0 experience from technology to culture and experienced to have the wisdom of the garage startup, the grey hair of the flexability of selforganizational knowledge, and the attributes of Attunement and Empathy. Awareness of the organization. We need to develop the resources of the organization and exploit (good connotation, and leverage them), to boundless regions that have never been reached for.

The emergence of selforganization, and it’s basis in social structure as I opine on it can be found in vestigial boolean form, in Stuart Kaufman’s The Origins of Order.  I have just applied that logic to the business cycle.

So much opportunity, so much Brand equity, the growth is there for the taking, however, a leader must lead the charge!!!

S&P Changes Opinion on Apple Inc.

Some analysts have changed their opinion on the value of Apple stock – whether it is time to buy or sell or just plain hold and do not worry (it is not a good idea to worry). Analysts typically attempt to build trending models based on time series analysis of threshold or hallmark phenomenon. They notably look for the Great Expectations of future earnings. Then they then use data reductive projections as a foundation and basis  to issue recommendations whether or not they think the stock should be purchased or sold. Each brokerage has its own jargon, but it basically means buy, hold, and sell.

Sometimes comparisons between brokerages are difficult because of Jargon changes which makes it difficult to compare broker recommendations.

Well, you can’t just do a multiple regression on a stock chart.  It does not apply.  Thi is a complex dynamic system.  I’m not saying don’t look at the chart or fundamentals – but the answer is right in front of you.  Great brand, a seemingly endless line of fantastic new products – this means market share, margins, and growth.  Can’t ask for much more.

So, take a deep breath, and get rid of your emotions.  Turn on the pragmatic objective part of your brain.

Apple is a bargain.  Just keep cost averaging in.  You will be paid handsomely.

Google’s Chrome, an Adventure in Service Oriented Architecture

The tsunami of commentary regarding Google’s new Chrome application has been well published and cannot be regurgitated nor opined on comprehensively here, yet . . .

Let us start from the big picture as we work our way down to a more granular level then. There is no doubt now, if there was any before, about the Foundation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is being poured into the bedrock of Google Android.

In simpler terms we may be seeing a paradigm shift happening right now toward many things. At the risk of prescience, at the least the shift from the traditional architecture of the Operating system (initiated by technologies decades ago such as Citrixs’ MetaFrame to ASP to SaaS (Application Service Provider and Software as a Service) to a web based window of computer control. At most to an absolute reversal back to the days of dumb terminals and mainframes.  Simply, cheap computing device runs Chrome, and has the processing ability to run this one application and it’s protected SSL session tab level architecture on a simpler device and pulling (or having pushed) all the information and application one needs from one’s provider.

If this seems cryptic I would ask you to do several things. Review again Google Apps, the other products from Google labs, Android, and so on. The writing in not on the wall, but in your browsers window.

For Enterprise 2.0 computing relying on applications and services arriving from the Cloud the traditional OS (Hello Microsoft and possibly Apple) may just be In The Way!  Keep thinking the cloud.  This is inevitable.  Outsourced resources like this will become so mainstream we will no even notice.  Why would it happen any other way?

Google is smart. Did I mention they were really smart?  My goodness we are at the beginning of a new dawn in the execution (not idea) in the paradigm of computing.  Yeah it does sort of look like where we started with terminals and mainframes – who cares.  It makes perfect sense.

From the perspective of Apple advocacy, this is not new. My Apple compatriots, I beg of you. We all knew this was coming, one just had to read Information Week or CNM, or any of the periodicals. So let’s make sure the plan is in place and start executing it to have our own beautiful technology inplace.  The paradigm shift is a great one for reasons that will be explored.. The game is afoot!

Chrome shows us a brief introduction to the browser as the next OS platform.

With their statistical reporting expertise (and one of a few main option available in Chrome innocuously placed) and ad delivery and the personalization of HyperLocal HyperMobile (HLHM – This one’s mine by the way, but you can quote it), we will have Aldous Huxley and George Orwell grimicing in their graves.

I have only two questions. Where is Google stock right now? And were you smart enough to change your portfolio’s positions and have some cash on the side to cost average in to new purchases?

Google will be a long haul value.  Buy it and buy a lot of it.  It is hard to predict how high the market cap of this company will go.  As long as they keep inventing the future, the future will be their’s reflected in market cap.

If you want to take part in that, buy some more google stock.

The Official Opine on Everything Apple

The official opinion site on everything Apple and whatever catches our Fancy.

From here there will be posts of diversity regarding the world of technology and along the paradigm and theme of the Apple corp and . . . . whatever . . .

At this first post, first and foremost, the Market is of great concern. Do not be fooled, the writing is on the wall.  This market is NOT OK.
Because of fundamentals occurring in banking, repackaging of financial products, scandalous and executive practices at major corps, and a war that is poorly entered and financially controlled, etc.

Homes will continue to go underwater.
Financial Crisis
Overspending by this administration, will lead to ruination, and a mess to the next Administration, and it will be a liberal one.  They will be forced to spend because of the revolting habits occurring now – TO SAVE America.  Just a guess, we are not Clairvoyants.  The last time we overspent as a percent of GDP (especially on stuff that just blows up) it didn’t work out well.  There are  opportunity costs to the things we spend our money on.  Every dollar is fungible and must be scrutinized to where it lives.  One item  will have a much higher opportunity cost than another.

My home equity line the same rate as new mortgages? In this impending crisis?

The market is of great concern.  We compel everyone to look at their portfolios and do their fiduciary due diligence.  We feel there is a tremendous opportunity on which we stand on the precipice of a potential societal meltdown if the appropriate financial duties are not tended to.  The market must fall now.  The financial tenets are clear, the government is too slow they will not move fast enough.  It is their nature. I would change positions into cash, especially in financial institutions, and wait for the damage to occur wherever it may be, and then when this worldwide calamity calms, cost average back in with all that sweet cash.

We are not a financial advisory.
We do not have expertise.
Invest wisely with your professional, this is just opinion.

The economy will be strange. Who knows?
Massive spending, and inattention to impending crisis, will hand over a major financial problem to the next administration.

It will be much worse. However, these are also often the times of grand opportunity.
Anything mentioned here is opinion, meant for gambling funds.  NEVER put it all in one basket.

In General:

The simple thinking.
At some point these thoughts are based on America surviving as a Republic.
We believe it will.
Given that, this all makes sense, as if the markets crash too low, $$s will be worthless, and we will be on the bread standard, not the gold or the yen, or anything else.

Some simple guesses.  Don’t panic, be thoughtful and pragmatic.

1) If the Dow is trending below 9,000 slowly cost average in all the way down and on it’s way up, in indexes if available.
Accelerate as we drop lower.  This may be contrarian.
You need an Ironclad stomach, and the ability to lose all this cash.
Accelerate buying as it appears the market is going back up, do NOT stop.

Do not get emotional.
This is gambling money.
Even if we get down to 8,000 or 7,000 KEEP cost averaging.
There are only a few times in life where grand opportunities like this exist.
Frankly, if it goes much lower you are going to have to figure out how to buy bread, not count your loses on your tax return.
Fiat currency eventually becomes worthless.
Our country is too strong to not recover from what will be a $2 trillion dollar waste of cash and life on this Iraq war.

2) Apple stock:
Cost average strong right now.
Apple is getting the big picture.
Faster the quicker it drops, and then keep buying even as it goes back up.
AFTER this – you are on your own. It may take a few years and we will opine again.
We believe this to be a prudent strategy, although contrarian admittedly,
We’ll see . . .

3) Google Stock:
If already owned, depending on your tax situation, Google right now anywhere near $700, SELL!

Then take that cash, as GOOG – it will decline, and cost average in all the way down and up again using similar rules.
We feel uncomfortable (right now – we don’t know what future pricing will be like) when it gets to $600, that’s your decision, we suggest sell.

If you are not going to watch the oscillations closely then do not be buying and selling.  Just own this GOOG, it has a great future.  Maybe one of the best of this generation.  Cherry pickers often miss out on the runs.  SO do not be shortsighted on google volatility right now.  If you can take the time there is money to be made in its ups and downs.

The company is volatile – but they get it as well, and are building the future.  It will become less volatile.
In general cost average a strong buy when ever it gets down to $450.
Be careful with this oscillator.  If the oscillator seems to be slowing, then buy equity positions.  GOOG is a long haul value growth stock.  Who knows how far this one will go.

If GOOG becomes more stable then they are a great long haul stock.
Just buy it and stop trading it.  Too much of a pain and you might miss the big gains.
There is a lot of money to be made in their present oscillations though.

As the future unfolds, we can opine more.
Hopefully we’ll get a president smart enough to have better fiscal policy in the future.

The flow of capital is Good!
The opportunity costs of a dollar are real.

Why blow something up when you can invest in the future?
The former only gives defense contractors short term profits, the latter sustains us in perpetuity.

Good fortune to everyone!

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