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Google Phone – Underwhelmed so far . . .

google-phone-2OK, Got the Google Phone.
So far I am pretty underwhelmed.

The interface, although nice, does not compare to the iPhone’s even first iteration of a GUI.
Speed tests have not confirmed and greater speed than the 3G network on iPhone.

In fact the phone coverage is worse in the three places I tested so far.

Now do not misinterpret this post.

This phone is the first version, and I have not used it yet extensively.  I have never seen another company come straight out of the box with hardware and an operating system that works as well as this one does despite the fact that they are way behind right now.

But Google has A Lot of smart people working hard to EAT this space!

I have a strong believe that within several iterations of this OS this will be a killer device. Google gets it. It will become more intuitive, easier to use, the connectivity issues will be solved.

Most importantly it will integrate with Google’s immense reservoir of growing applications as we move to an integrated mobile computing world. They get it. And it will happen fast!!

If you are Google it is easy to copy the innovators.  And they are innovators themselves, so APPLE better watch their backs!

Apple vs Blackberry

iphone-blackberryApple’s iPhone utility outsold Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry for the first time in the third quarter. Worldwide , Apple sold nearly 7 million iPhones in the Quarter period ending September 27. That compares to 6 million smartphones sold by RIM.

But RIM is trying to regain inertia with the BlackBerry Storm, its first touchscreen phone.  We are only a few weeks away. The Blackberry Bold was seen on election day.  RIM is  launching its own applications store, copying Apple’s, allowing users to download software designed by developers directly to their phones.

The critical fourth quarter appears to be the provocative one. Apple sales have historically and traditionally been very strong in the fourth quarter – its product brand equity is stellar. Corporate budgets are being slashed. Is Blackberry going to falter and stumble to the Apple iPhone from here on? Yes it will!
Compelling products win market share.  In the end this is a battle RIM cannot win against Apple and the new players that will inevitably enter this obvious market.

So all you BB lovers – don’t store up too many crocodile tears because you are going to need a whole lot of tissue paper.

iPhone sales (in units) WILL outsell Blackberry’s sales (in units) for Q4’08 worldwide, and then BB will continue to be decimated.  Just watch.

Start ringing the Church Bells for BB.

I hear a fat lady warming up to sing the Blackberry Song . . .

HLHM Apple New Laptops?




I have watched over three decades of products emerge from Apple.  Always with some anticipation of the obviously known and predictable pleasantly fermented with the astonishing and utter surprise.

I feel it coming again.  If not this round then the next.

The opportunity is ripe.  To reach deep into this economy and extract value.  I believe Apple will do this.  They have done it countless times before.  The world needs value.  Green, delicious, mobile, solid state, connected, and aesthetically beautiful value.

When the Naysayers predicted demise I cost averaged into one of the greatest values in American history.  

Thank you Mr. Jobs, you are a genius.

Anyway, back to HLHM© and Laptops.  It is rumored that new laptops are being announced.  If they can bring down the price of solid state components, insert a reliable connectivity component, and some of the basic accouterments that always come with an upgrade with a good price ppoint Apple will rise again.

The Movement of HLHM will about as Apple poises itself to grow at megalithic pace, and there is that opportunity if it is taken. They just have to take it.  Come on guys it is right there in front of you, grab it!

Hyper Local Hyper Mobile©

Hyper Local Hyper Mobile (HLHM©) is being embraced at lightning pace. This coined phrase will emerge as the hallmark of the near future so rapidly you may get torticollis. So drive safely.

It is so obvious. The apps are emerging at light speed, as the world is figuring out that the convergence of locality technology with mobility computing has facilitated the next revolution in application development and efficiency from IT, to supply chain, to most vertical apps.  Simple incentivization programs, every last one would benefit from a custom built mobile app.

Local intelligence, combined with any other parameter, accelerometer, OCR from pictures, temperature sensing, facilitates a massive flux of creativity.

Apple can do it. Why make us wait? Where is 3G in the overpriced AirBook? That would make it worthwhile, than one feature. It just has to be priced right. Lets get on board!

The opportunities being missed are excruciating.

Get on board now, or miss the future.  

building these unique apps is extraordinary.  We have built short code and mobile apps now that have changed the lives of the consumer to the sales force.

OEMS, and VARs need to bring up the calvary.  Where are our thin clients? Our switches, our enhancement in hardware?

Is 45 nm too small? Have we reached the limits? Do we need the hyper jump to quantum computing?

The road to revenue is clear as day. You just have to get on it, and don’t miss a turn.

Google’s Chrome, an Adventure in Service Oriented Architecture

The tsunami of commentary regarding Google’s new Chrome application has been well published and cannot be regurgitated nor opined on comprehensively here, yet . . .

Let us start from the big picture as we work our way down to a more granular level then. There is no doubt now, if there was any before, about the Foundation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is being poured into the bedrock of Google Android.

In simpler terms we may be seeing a paradigm shift happening right now toward many things. At the risk of prescience, at the least the shift from the traditional architecture of the Operating system (initiated by technologies decades ago such as Citrixs’ MetaFrame to ASP to SaaS (Application Service Provider and Software as a Service) to a web based window of computer control. At most to an absolute reversal back to the days of dumb terminals and mainframes.  Simply, cheap computing device runs Chrome, and has the processing ability to run this one application and it’s protected SSL session tab level architecture on a simpler device and pulling (or having pushed) all the information and application one needs from one’s provider.

If this seems cryptic I would ask you to do several things. Review again Google Apps, the other products from Google labs, Android, and so on. The writing in not on the wall, but in your browsers window.

For Enterprise 2.0 computing relying on applications and services arriving from the Cloud the traditional OS (Hello Microsoft and possibly Apple) may just be In The Way!  Keep thinking the cloud.  This is inevitable.  Outsourced resources like this will become so mainstream we will no even notice.  Why would it happen any other way?

Google is smart. Did I mention they were really smart?  My goodness we are at the beginning of a new dawn in the execution (not idea) in the paradigm of computing.  Yeah it does sort of look like where we started with terminals and mainframes – who cares.  It makes perfect sense.

From the perspective of Apple advocacy, this is not new. My Apple compatriots, I beg of you. We all knew this was coming, one just had to read Information Week or CNM, or any of the periodicals. So let’s make sure the plan is in place and start executing it to have our own beautiful technology inplace.  The paradigm shift is a great one for reasons that will be explored.. The game is afoot!

Chrome shows us a brief introduction to the browser as the next OS platform.

With their statistical reporting expertise (and one of a few main option available in Chrome innocuously placed) and ad delivery and the personalization of HyperLocal HyperMobile (HLHM – This one’s mine by the way, but you can quote it), we will have Aldous Huxley and George Orwell grimicing in their graves.

I have only two questions. Where is Google stock right now? And were you smart enough to change your portfolio’s positions and have some cash on the side to cost average in to new purchases?

Google will be a long haul value.  Buy it and buy a lot of it.  It is hard to predict how high the market cap of this company will go.  As long as they keep inventing the future, the future will be their’s reflected in market cap.

If you want to take part in that, buy some more google stock.

iPhone update, Thank You!

Finally, the most stable iPhone update yet.  Frequent crashes are relegated to only the most complex programs trying to do too much with this operating system.  Please send in your opinion.

I  found this update 2.0.2 to be invaluable,  It saves me hours NOT having to soft or hard reset the phone.

Thank you Apple engineers.  Users will be happy now.  On that note, lets vet these applications a little more diligently?

Come on, what’s the big deal?  You should have a QA lab set up, pounding on every permutation and combination of usages.  The vast majority of problems can be weeded out, before the consumer gets the product.  Once that happens you waste hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of Human hours on crashing iPhone apps.  That is not nice.  Don’t think alpha or Beta.  Do it yourself.  You would not sell us a song of iTunes that wasn’t mastered? Would you sell a movie that did not have the final cut done?  Then don’t sell and application that is not ready.

On that note, check out Chalkboard.  This is an exciting application, by a clearly forward thinking and talented engineer. This is just a symbol of the endless stream of apps that are going to be flowing our way by the hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Oh, yes . . . This will also be a big money maker.  For the sellers, store owners, and countless small shop developers, some will go big, real big.

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