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Are You Still Using FaceBook?

I don’t know about you, but somebody is still using FaceBook.

As long as that is happening then there is money to be made.

They have not touched the surface yet of continuing to enhance their ad tools.

So same story as last time.

Buy a little more equity positions for the long haul.

Also, go aggressive on the buy open calls.

I cannot imagine them not showing increasing revenue from these new tools and mobile ads.

People are hyped on the FB, and they will react.

Noone knows the long haul so check back.

I would buy call chains into January.

Layer them if you want, but at least into the winter.

As you start making healthy profits cost average out of your calls.

Don’t be too greedy.

Who Cares Who is Using FaceBook? Just Buy Some.


Who knows what will happen in the long run.

They say teens are not using like they used to?
Well, who knows.  A lot of people are using this thing still.

They are building out their advertising tools.
They were too cumbersome before and they are smart enough to get more revenue from mobile.
They must be.

The alternative is to bet that they are to dumb, and they are not, and this is too easy to do.

People have to experiment and try the ad tools as the demographic advertising and mobile extension is too appealing not to try.

This will create revenue.

Buy some equity positions and just hold onto them.

Also buy heavy into open calls.

It broke $20, by early spring we should see the results of the new ad tools.

Make sure your chains extend that far.

Hold onto the equity for the long haul.

And get some sweet cash from your calls.

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