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Buy Now!!!!!

Opportunities like this do not come often.

One must take advantage of them when they do.

Apple stock keeps plummeting.

We just sold at a near record peak.

But now the market has over reacted.

Buy now and keep buying all the way down.

Look at the balance sheet.  It is so obvious.

Cash on hand.
Debt service cost.

This stock is so undervalued right now.

If it drops below $400 then just buy as much as you can tolerate as a portion of your portfolio.

This stock can only go up.
I would keep buying all the way up to high $400’s.

Then depending on what is happening we can reassess.

They have to do a stock purchase at this price.
The cost of money is so cheap they would be crazy not to.

I’m writing Carl another letter.

He never listens.

Google Phone – Underwhelmed so far . . .

google-phone-2OK, Got the Google Phone.
So far I am pretty underwhelmed.

The interface, although nice, does not compare to the iPhone’s even first iteration of a GUI.
Speed tests have not confirmed and greater speed than the 3G network on iPhone.

In fact the phone coverage is worse in the three places I tested so far.

Now do not misinterpret this post.

This phone is the first version, and I have not used it yet extensively.  I have never seen another company come straight out of the box with hardware and an operating system that works as well as this one does despite the fact that they are way behind right now.

But Google has A Lot of smart people working hard to EAT this space!

I have a strong believe that within several iterations of this OS this will be a killer device. Google gets it. It will become more intuitive, easier to use, the connectivity issues will be solved.

Most importantly it will integrate with Google’s immense reservoir of growing applications as we move to an integrated mobile computing world. They get it. And it will happen fast!!

If you are Google it is easy to copy the innovators.  And they are innovators themselves, so APPLE better watch their backs!

Apple vs Blackberry

iphone-blackberryApple’s iPhone utility outsold Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry for the first time in the third quarter. Worldwide , Apple sold nearly 7 million iPhones in the Quarter period ending September 27. That compares to 6 million smartphones sold by RIM.

But RIM is trying to regain inertia with the BlackBerry Storm, its first touchscreen phone.  We are only a few weeks away. The Blackberry Bold was seen on election day.  RIM is  launching its own applications store, copying Apple’s, allowing users to download software designed by developers directly to their phones.

The critical fourth quarter appears to be the provocative one. Apple sales have historically and traditionally been very strong in the fourth quarter – its product brand equity is stellar. Corporate budgets are being slashed. Is Blackberry going to falter and stumble to the Apple iPhone from here on? Yes it will!
Compelling products win market share.  In the end this is a battle RIM cannot win against Apple and the new players that will inevitably enter this obvious market.

So all you BB lovers – don’t store up too many crocodile tears because you are going to need a whole lot of tissue paper.

iPhone sales (in units) WILL outsell Blackberry’s sales (in units) for Q4’08 worldwide, and then BB will continue to be decimated.  Just watch.

Start ringing the Church Bells for BB.

I hear a fat lady warming up to sing the Blackberry Song . . .

Ahh, an iSight in a Cinema Display

Cinema DisplayCheck out these new specs.

Most importantly, finally a cinema display with an iSight built in.

We have been waiting years for this, cannot wait to try it. Apple, go ahead and send me one so I can opine.

Seriously this has been a long time coming, along with the other accouterments.

We thank you for this incremental, yet important enhancement of these beautiful monitors.  The perfect companion to a laptop or extending your desktop screen real estate.

I may buy one just for the iSight!

Keep the goodies coming . . .

Snow Leopard, What Beauty Awaits

Feigenbaum Diagram with Bifurcations, realms of deterministic behavior and apparent chaotic realm.

Feigenbaum Diagram with Bifurcations, realms of deterministic behavior and apparent chaotic realm.

Ahh, 64 bit, maybe more RAM for plotting diagrams, like the one at left.


That facilitating text-handling technology so popular on Apple’s iPhone will likely end up in the Apple’s new Macs as part of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Screenshots rumored that a version of the TextEdit app to extend preferences for possibly three unique text handling utilities.

The First corrects spelling automatically as the user types.
Second, automatically insert ‘smart dashes’ when typing, & Third is ‘Text replacement.’

The features hopefully will extend to all applications running on Snow Leopard.
The are inevitable on all OSs as they are obvious usability enhancers.

We will watch the mobile computing world converge with the traditional desktop / laptop world.
This is inevitable.  Microsoft will also copy this plan although they will take forever and it will be horrible whatever it is.

As a MatLab user the RAM constraints that should be enhanced will allow even deeper probes from a single machine such as renderings of recursive Feigenbaum diagrams!  Yeah!!

Why Doesn’t Apple Own the Living Room?

Why doesn’t Apple own the living room?  That is a great question, because they should. The place of family gathering is the holy grail and nerve center of the family and it’s economic resources.

The living room or family room or lets say generically the room in the house often in close proximity to the kitchen is the hub of activity in the house. Here the kids play, parents talk, friends come over and eat, or chat as well.

My friends, the Living Room is the Land of Milk and Honey, that flows in abundance through the many channels, of media, advertising, and the general Brand power that is leveraged in this golden arena.  This room is the Mother of all revenue streams.  The battle over it’s control will wage on until the right consumer device is made that is so compelling that it is irresistible.  So much so that it will dominate this family hub.

And why is this important?

Because, this is the nidus of activity for the rest of the control of the house. It is the Midway Island of WWII.  Upon control of that most valuable space, that nidus, will crystalize the rest of the home. the networking, distribution, parental control, gaming, smart home activities, computing, education, and so much more will emenate from here.

Oh yeah. And TV also. I mean a lot of TV. I mean also, purchasing of media, TV, movies, music, ambience.  Revenue will stream into this area like tidal waters from the gravitational pull of the Family’s desire to absorb media.  When priced well, and we know that can be done. And the repository and library to draw upon is great, the battle will be won.

OK, it is not that simple. But lets fix that Apple TV, and get it into the family hub.  Like Newtons gravitational law, the attraction of massive bodies to the family hub will be an inverse function of the utility of said device. And this attraction is a power law attraction, it is an exponent. I have not seen peir reviewed data on this, however it is obvious that the economies of scale once residing in said hub will be such that, the fixed cost of getting it there will be counterbalanced be years of CLV and CRV.  Customer Lifetime Value, and Customer Referrer Value.

We do not know what that value is as this future has not a appeared yet. I would be willing to bet it is such a high multiple of getting that device insinuated, and ensconced, graciously, is one of the most important things a company should focus on.

Apple is the master of this.  OK, the first Apple TV was not that hot.  The conception was there, and they had to start somewhere.  Now it’s time to brainstorm.  Let’s fix whatever ails, and impedes this devices entry to the family hub. Sprinkle in some good old fashioned Apple sleek design, and beautiful graphical user interface, with the compelling overriding reason to have, and we move from the stone age to the future in one giant step.  I know one guy that would agree. And so would his friends.

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