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Twitter NitTwits

Twitter.  It is going to be an endless headache.

Pop an acetaminophen and let’s make the best of it.

Especially as soon as they start making 500,000,000 worthless ads/day available to the marketplace.

But people will want to try these ads.
They basically have to try to get some basic metrics.
This will create revenue.
Their revenue is so small, you don’t even have to create that much to make it look amazing, even though it won’t be amazing.

This could get weird.

Let’s have fun.

Let’s take 1/2 the cash (after tax) that we made on the IPO day of Twiiter.

If you notice TWTR fell below 40 today.

If you look at the call chains, they look pretty sweet for gambling purposes.

Again we see a lack of balance to curtail over exuberance in the market place.

Now, I cannot predict weird things happening, but let’s play this with the common sense we employed in others.

Low price, nice length, reasonable gambling strike.

I’m buying some long calls, I think those are a bargain.

The metrics make twittertwits look like hype still – but this creates false exuberance – and volatility.

Let’s see if we can squeeze some more cash out of this one . . .

35 Responses

  1. Fantastic!

    I bought some calls, I’m already almost over the hump to strike!



  2. I was thinking the same thing, I bought some too


  3. Lets see what twtr does today since the tv announcement


  4. I concur, people r going to still hype twtr, we’ll see how far this crazy stock goes


  5. You did it again, Thank you.

    I am taking some nice profit on my twitter calls. I’ll leave the rest for potential greater upside. Even if the become worthless I made out like a bandit in this one week play.



  6. I just sold some of my twitter calls for a quick hefty profit, I love these stupid stocks!


  7. I cashed in some calls before the weekend hit.

    Now I’m sitting pretty with profits and some ‘free’ calls to make even more profits if the twtr goes up at all in the next 6 months.

    I love these trades.


  8. Excellent,
    write more stock picks.

    I’m making the best money in my life . . .

    Why aren’t there more picks?


  9. HS!
    How did you call this?
    I followed you and just made a load of cash,



  10. Best Calls I have purchased in a long time,TX!

    Visit Stockbuster website!


    • Twtr hit 52+ today?
      I can’t wait anymore, i feel like this could drop any second . . .
      I’m taking some profits and leaving the rest for possible future gains.


  11. Watch this TWTR closely, it will never perform to expectations.

    To become the $50,000,000,000 it wants to be or greater it must completely reinvent itself, I just do not see that happening.

    This is all speculation on great expectations.


  12. Thanks for the advice, made a bundle, I’m all out now already.


  13. Excellent call!


  14. Glad I sold my calls when I did.

    I sold half, made an amazing return, and now I still have half to see what happens . ..


  15. Amazing call on the Twitter calls.

    Made a killing today!


  16. Holy Sh*te!!
    Twit hit nearly 56 yesterday – I’m dumping some calls this morning on a limit


    • No kidding. This is a wonderful resource, Where do you get your info from?


    • This is very exciting.

      What will happen today?
      Any guesses before the market opens?

      This super overvalued stock with calls like the ones recommended here sitting out there . . . people increasing their purchase of puts . . . there has got to be some profit taking . . .

      Let’s see, I agree with Carissa, I’m selling had my Calls also . . .


    • Yeah, this is great.

      I’m sitting on my desk, I’m watching twtr all day today


  17. Looking forward to tomorrow’s trades!


  18. I think we are going to see some realism come into play on the stock price of twitter this week to a harsh reality to those newly minted billionaires


  19. What an amazing call!

    It hit $60 today.

    Is this author clairvoyant? I bailed on 40% of my calls


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