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Memo to All Time Travelers . . .

Note to All Time Travelers,


Let us revisit the past.
Shortly more analysis will be revealed.

We said the writing was on the wall. The opines were not perfect but pretty good.

32 Responses

  1. Looks like you guys nailed that one!

    • How did anyone miss that post?

      That thing should be enshrined

      • Really enjoyed this peiece.

      • Well done, there should be more pieces like this one.

  2. Are you joking?

    You nailed it!!!

    • Great post – I wish I would have seen it back in 2007 . . .

  3. I love that post!


    • How did this site predict the markets so well in 2007?

      • How did Bush ’41 & ’43 screw up the economy only to have it saved by Democratic two termers?

  4. How did you figure that out?

  5. Great post!

  6. What would you do with Apple now?

    • Ask Icahn,
      He’ll tell you buy, but he and his kid have a load of shares

    • Im slowing buying Apple all the way to $600

      • Icahn and his kid are buying tons of apple stock and encouraging an institutional buyback . . .

  7. Has anyone studied HTS, I think they are undervalued…. Any comments?

    • I’m not too hot on that one, it does look undervalued, but I don’t see anything happening with it soon . . .

    • I’m pretty hot on HTS,
      I think it is going to do well . . .

      • Be careful, HTS, could have the floor drop out of it….

        • I agree

  8. I love this prescient post from the past, astonishing

  9. Is there an update on apple stock,?

    • Yeah,
      If they r willing to get rid of cook then buy it!

      • What is the deal with TC?
        Why do they keep him?
        He clearly is the wrong guy fir apple CEO

  10. Tx 4 the predicts on twitter

  11. Well written piece, I wish I would have seen back then.

    • I’m following your blot now!

  12. Saw you in a finance article, this was amazing . . .

  13. Nice

  14. I really enjoy this blog, why don’t you write more?

  15. Excellent post

  16. Man, you nailed it!!!!!!!

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