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Lets Put some Puts!

Hows your stomach?

Mine isn’t feeling too good.

This price is too high for LinkedIn right now.

I’m going to sell 2/3 of my holdings and take a healthy gain.

This price cannot hold without volatility.

Two thirds of my LinkedIn money can live safely somewhere else.

I am buying some Puts looking at a 20 point drop chain by the end of the year for an added winter holiday present.

What are you going to do?

7 Responses

  1. Sweet Puts!
    Tx for the advice!
    I just made some nice dough!!


  2. This was one of the genius estimates on Linked IN.

    Thank you for this recommendation , I really appreciate this site.

    I am just waiting for the ball to drop and someone start charging for this info, so far it is too good to be true to be free.


  3. I use LN daily, there is a lt of value to be had there


  4. I still have faith in shirt term equities gains, but I’m placing puts on a number of clearly inflated stocks that will never be able to support their present values


  5. I made a lot of cash on this recommendation, I wish you would make more.


  6. I sold my twtr calls midday near peek, really nice call,


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