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It’s my Birthday, and I Want Some ETFs!!!

It’s my birthday.
Well not yet.
In a few months, but I already know what I want!

You know what I want?


And lot’s of them.

I’m buying big into the major indexes.

This President is going to employ fed policy that will control interest rates and control inflation.

It is obviously clear that there needs to be a sustained fed purchase.

I think the administration will employ this tool as they learned from previous recessions – it works.

Yes, there is a way out of the Bush ’43 Great Recession!

Praise Bush ’43 for this wonderful opportunity he has given you.

Don’t chastise him.

He handed over the worst economy since the depression.

You can bet on the US failing or succeeding.
The former will only cause the cash sitting in your bank account not earning interest to become less valuable.

There is only one thing to do right now.

Buy heavy into the market.

Lets the ETF managers model the indexes and enjoy your gains.

There really is no alternative.
I cannot see this playing out any other way . . .

Oh yeah . . .

Stock up on canned goods and clean water just in case wonder bread becomes the new fiat currency!

What do you think?

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