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iSight – Where have all the Cameras gone? Long Time Pasture?

The iSight. How bizarre.  The greatest little camera when first introduced, and now still the finest accouterment to the cinema display. Gorgeous devious with tremendous attributes.

I have seen them sell for twice retail on eBay.

We still need them. Why stop making them! Why lose that revenue? Is it that easy to generate net revenue?  These must be good times (not).

What a beautiful device. Ingenious in conception, still worthy of production.

What a beautiful device. Ingenious in conception, still worthy of production.

Even if small,  just a great device.  Yes the third Party Logitech webcam is a killer replacement, and many of the new products have the little iSight built in.  

I am skeptical about the focal length claims on the optics comparisons.

For those of us that love out Cinema Displays, either, place a rotatable iSight in them, or get the old camera out of the manufacturers bin.

Thanks, no applause necessary.  Just had to get that out of my system.

6 Responses

  1. I do like how that camera looks and the image is so great, what a shame, I wish they would continue making more of those.


  2. That camera is the best one I ever had!


    • Apr16FifthDread Why is everyone bicthing? The screen is the highest resolution? screen on any mobile device, delivering the best user experience and has the most developers developing for it. I have an Android tablet and it doesn’t compare to the quality of the iPad 2 and it is more powerful statistically. If you own an iPad 2, be content that you have the best product out right now, until the new iPad is released.


  3. I hope that’s the only thing that apple cuts out of the line of production.


  4. Wow I hope this is not a bad sign for apples future.


  5. That camera reminds me of wally. There for I love it.


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