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Hyper Local Hyper Mobile©

Hyper Local Hyper Mobile (HLHM©) is being embraced at lightning pace. This coined phrase will emerge as the hallmark of the near future so rapidly you may get torticollis. So drive safely.

It is so obvious. The apps are emerging at light speed, as the world is figuring out that the convergence of locality technology with mobility computing has facilitated the next revolution in application development and efficiency from IT, to supply chain, to most vertical apps.  Simple incentivization programs, every last one would benefit from a custom built mobile app.

Local intelligence, combined with any other parameter, accelerometer, OCR from pictures, temperature sensing, facilitates a massive flux of creativity.

Apple can do it. Why make us wait? Where is 3G in the overpriced AirBook? That would make it worthwhile, than one feature. It just has to be priced right. Lets get on board!

The opportunities being missed are excruciating.

Get on board now, or miss the future.  

building these unique apps is extraordinary.  We have built short code and mobile apps now that have changed the lives of the consumer to the sales force.

OEMS, and VARs need to bring up the calvary.  Where are our thin clients? Our switches, our enhancement in hardware?

Is 45 nm too small? Have we reached the limits? Do we need the hyper jump to quantum computing?

The road to revenue is clear as day. You just have to get on it, and don’t miss a turn.

2 Responses

  1. I like to hear more about the HyperLocalHyperMobile


  2. By your definition of Hyper Local Hyper Mobile (HLHM©) it sounds that the speed of which you are claiming to define is that of a mother giving birth to a child that had a tramatic experience. Or an adult waking up from a good night sleep with the same tramatic effect. So, don’t you think that by moving at a slower pace to reach that goal of utopia could be a better plan? I would hope that who every comes up with this HLHM term would research and virus-proof before it is released to the masses. So, how far into the future are we with Hyper Local Hyper Mobile©? Or, are we just living in it? You have an interesting website and I would like to learn more about Apple and it’s existance. Plus, are now are the Google’s and Yahoo’s out there and other internet advertising companies trying to tap into this way of marketing with apps? I see where you are leading us to believe that advertising and marketing would benefit to this technology and then ultimatly leads to SALES!!! Did I pin the tail on the donkey with that???? How about using it for non-profit organizations. I have an interesting idea using apps technology? Schools, ARC local chapters, religious organizations, etc. Please advise. Thanks. JOHNNY WAX


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