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Google’s Chrome, an Adventure in Service Oriented Architecture

The tsunami of commentary regarding Google’s new Chrome application has been well published and cannot be regurgitated nor opined on comprehensively here, yet . . .

Let us start from the big picture as we work our way down to a more granular level then. There is no doubt now, if there was any before, about the Foundation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is being poured into the bedrock of Google Android.

In simpler terms we may be seeing a paradigm shift happening right now toward many things. At the risk of prescience, at the least the shift from the traditional architecture of the Operating system (initiated by technologies decades ago such as Citrixs’ MetaFrame to ASP to SaaS (Application Service Provider and Software as a Service) to a web based window of computer control. At most to an absolute reversal back to the days of dumb terminals and mainframes.  Simply, cheap computing device runs Chrome, and has the processing ability to run this one application and it’s protected SSL session tab level architecture on a simpler device and pulling (or having pushed) all the information and application one needs from one’s provider.

If this seems cryptic I would ask you to do several things. Review again Google Apps, the other products from Google labs, Android, and so on. The writing in not on the wall, but in your browsers window.

For Enterprise 2.0 computing relying on applications and services arriving from the Cloud the traditional OS (Hello Microsoft and possibly Apple) may just be In The Way!  Keep thinking the cloud.  This is inevitable.  Outsourced resources like this will become so mainstream we will no even notice.  Why would it happen any other way?

Google is smart. Did I mention they were really smart?  My goodness we are at the beginning of a new dawn in the execution (not idea) in the paradigm of computing.  Yeah it does sort of look like where we started with terminals and mainframes – who cares.  It makes perfect sense.

From the perspective of Apple advocacy, this is not new. My Apple compatriots, I beg of you. We all knew this was coming, one just had to read Information Week or CNM, or any of the periodicals. So let’s make sure the plan is in place and start executing it to have our own beautiful technology inplace.  The paradigm shift is a great one for reasons that will be explored.. The game is afoot!

Chrome shows us a brief introduction to the browser as the next OS platform.

With their statistical reporting expertise (and one of a few main option available in Chrome innocuously placed) and ad delivery and the personalization of HyperLocal HyperMobile (HLHM – This one’s mine by the way, but you can quote it), we will have Aldous Huxley and George Orwell grimicing in their graves.

I have only two questions. Where is Google stock right now? And were you smart enough to change your portfolio’s positions and have some cash on the side to cost average in to new purchases?

Google will be a long haul value.  Buy it and buy a lot of it.  It is hard to predict how high the market cap of this company will go.  As long as they keep inventing the future, the future will be their’s reflected in market cap.

If you want to take part in that, buy some more google stock.

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  1. Google Chrome appears to be great. I’ll check it out to learn more about. Thank you!


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