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iPhone update, Thank You!

Finally, the most stable iPhone update yet.  Frequent crashes are relegated to only the most complex programs trying to do too much with this operating system.  Please send in your opinion.

I  found this update 2.0.2 to be invaluable,  It saves me hours NOT having to soft or hard reset the phone.

Thank you Apple engineers.  Users will be happy now.  On that note, lets vet these applications a little more diligently?

Come on, what’s the big deal?  You should have a QA lab set up, pounding on every permutation and combination of usages.  The vast majority of problems can be weeded out, before the consumer gets the product.  Once that happens you waste hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of Human hours on crashing iPhone apps.  That is not nice.  Don’t think alpha or Beta.  Do it yourself.  You would not sell us a song of iTunes that wasn’t mastered? Would you sell a movie that did not have the final cut done?  Then don’t sell and application that is not ready.

On that note, check out Chalkboard.  This is an exciting application, by a clearly forward thinking and talented engineer. This is just a symbol of the endless stream of apps that are going to be flowing our way by the hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Oh, yes . . . This will also be a big money maker.  For the sellers, store owners, and countless small shop developers, some will go big, real big.

10 Responses

  1. Finally, an honest appraisal of everything Appple, this is a gigantic category, we could talk just mobile apps all day!!!



  2. I really enjoyed tour insight into these products. Keep up the good work!!!!


  3. I love my iPhone and its apps, thank you for offering such a valuable resource!


  4. Where were you when i was buying my devices, with this insite i would not have b=made the mistakes I did . There is so much insight here, let it out so the rest of us can enjoy!


  5. In Japan, we love your blog, please tell more about iPhone Apps. We listen to your songs, very good!!!!



  6. Why fo they not do a better job vetting the Applt iPhone Apps? It takes firever, as a app developed the process is so cumbersoe, I feel like crying. They do alpha, beta, gamma delta, epsilon test our apps, takr forever, and then take most the $$$, sweet! for them that is.

    Developers want their $$ just likke evryone else does!



  7. Hillary is accurate, I develop as well and there is no justice in the process, it is so agonizing I do not know why we bother , we should just take arms and go do Android development regith now, anyone owant to join me?


  8. I use the chalkboard and love it, great app recomended to all


  9. iPhone apps are among the best out there, we need mre commentary and reviews to protect us against the duds!


  10. hello .can I help from you ?


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