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AppleCore Who’s Your Friend?

AppleCore Who’s Your Friend?

I couldn’t help it.  if you ever saw (if you are old enough and remember) those two chipmunks, throwing apple cores at each other in delight. OK, forget about it . . .

Here we are.  We are ensconced at a juncture.

Post 9/11, Economy faltering, fear is in us, our societal affect is a cognitive dysthymia.

Everything is swirling unpredictably.  Bailouts, wars, securities plummeting, and our houses depreciating!

We must stop. Breath. Think, with tools of clarity and respect for our good intentions.

And why talk about a computer company?

Rather a corporation, that used to be a computer company.

Apple, is America. As apple pie is an American symbol.  Apple Corporation is the cerebral neocortex of the American experience. The history can be rehashed in detail elsewhere.

Two Icons, young, ambitious, intelligent, with an armementarium of tenacity and a few hundred bucks build a world renowned Brand. A symbol of American Innovation and ingenuity.

We are truly placed in the most perfect part of our history. Apple Corp is a symbol for this. In this blog a primary focus, and also a metaphor for who we are as America.

We are laws, bound in a social contract.  That facilitates the most beautiful things on the planet.  The budding of notions of liberty, conservatism of our beautiful parks and forests.

Apple resides in this social contract.  It is a corp, that delicately balances the Aesthetics against the Utility of things that make our lives better, more fun, more interesting, more entertaining, and much more importantly, more provocative to the future of this nation.  The tools to explore the world around us.  To do research, to create entertainment at the level the world has never seen, the list goes on ad nauseam.

Right here in the USA.

Apple Corp is an example of what we will continue to do. To strive on. To innovate, and create the future, while others piddle around.  There is so much to be done, and Apple will do it, I have no doubt. Jobs has been a genius from day one. No one can be perfect, but that record is as good as it gets. He also did it several times. Very few do that. I have never met the man, but his intellect streams psionically from the beauty of the vast majority of every product he touches his mind to.  You changed the world man, congratulations.  You are the Lewis and Clark of the Electronic Consumer Age. Battled on the frontier, Davy Crocket style, always one step ahead, wincorp always trailing. Copying, plagiarising, trying to keep up.  They could not and still have not come close.

I laugh at every attempt. It is uncanny. It should be a coarse in University. Fully dedicated to this struggle, a natural selection example.  Except here is the beauty. On that sigmoidal curve of usage vs time, Apple sits pretty on the steep portion of the curve.  When the slope hits a max, watch out – that is a phase transition – sort of like the tipping points that the idea books, borrow and pretend they are new concepts.  They are old entrenched concepts and real as you or I. It is inevitable with the right leadership and vision. I have no doubt. All my chips are on that hand.

The helm, like all helms before it, will be handed over, and then it will happen again, as is the nature of things. In the right hands at the helm, the brand will expand, and dominate.  The equity of that brand is more powerful than any but a contested few, and those mean nothing to the world.  Apple is the only major brand that does. I mean compared to Heinz or J&J products brand equity, they are not world changers.  Apple will do it. It will take another decade of solid, indefatigable leadership and dedication. It is a slam dunk.  Everything is in Place, thanks to Mr. Jobs.

The potential is explosive. The opportunities boundless.  A decade age we witnessed the emergence of the web from the internet.  We are now witnessing another dawn, another day, another emergence that only history will tell the story as it happens.  Apple will be a critical part of that unfolding history.  Mark these words now. Apple is a buy. It is a gigantic Buy Now!

Steve, may you be blessed in any way you see fit. You have earned your stars and stripes.

What do you think?

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